Titan Ranks

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Titan Ranks

Post by Nano on Thu Nov 15, 2007 5:55 am

Welcome to the positions board. those joining early may be able to gain access to positions in this clan.
Obvioustly I (Nano) am the clam moderator and creator.

1.Ultimate Titan - The ultimate Titan is the position of clan number one under Nano.
2.Super Titan - The super Titan is the clans number 2 under Nano and the Ultimate Titan.
3.Topicist Titan - The Topicist Titans (2 needed) will need to come up with topics for the forum.
4.Titanad - The Titanads (3 needed) will be in charge of advertising and recruitment to the site and the clan.

Titan Ranks:
Spare parts - Newest members to the forum have made 10 posts or under overall on the forum.
Machine -Have made 50 posts or more on the forum overall.
Robot - Have made 100 posts or more on the forum overall.
Android - Have made 200 posts or more on the forum overall.
Titan - Have made 500 posts or more on the forum overall.
Overlord Titan - Have mad 1,000 posts or more on the forum overall.

Post the position you would like below and wait for a PM for confirmation.

Once confirmed you should put your title in Large, Bold, Black letters in the Signature box (not too large.)

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