Super mario galaxy

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Super mario galaxy

Post by Lord Khriid on Sun Nov 25, 2007 8:42 am


I just baught it 5 hours ago and i have played it non stop, the gameplay is imence, truely an epic. im on the 2nd boss and its been extramly chaleging, not the bosses, bt the actual levels, you are sent into space buy bowser and you have to run on diferent planets to get the stars, each planet comes with its own unique gravity and menny puzzles, like at the start you have to cross a planet with a black hole at the center and you have to get the luna (mini star creatures) which is on the other side of the planet, you have to point at these blue stars and drag yourself to the other side without falling into the hole. this is an amazing game and has one great feature, the grafix. remember the old style snes games and the game on n64 where you could count the polygons, well one lookat mario gliding through cannon stars with a trail of light behind him just blows you away.

ok il ad some more lator i need to go back and beat bowser, i hope you like my first part of my reveiw

Lord Khriid
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