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The following Rules will vary because there can be many GameMasters, however these are the default base:


There is two types of games:
1. Dice only
2. RPG & Dice

"Dice only" means that each turn you will roll a dice and follow the options given to you by the GameMaster.
"RPG & Dice" means that each turn you can add your own RPG aspect to the game. What you are allowed to write may be restricted by the GameMaster.

Please make sure to look at the title of the game to decide which to play.

When picking a game to join, also note the Level and GameMaster. You are strongly suggested to pick a Level 1 map when choosing to start.


The first thing you must remember regardless of the game type, you must always do a dice roll first.
When you have done the dice roll, you can follow the options given to you by the GameMaster (and if the game type allows it, add your own writing).


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