How Cloud Sharing works - PLEASE READ

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How Cloud Sharing works - PLEASE READ

Post by Admin Cloud on Thu Oct 18, 2007 9:14 am

This is a very good way of getting fully registered members on your site.
You must register on 5 sites listed in the Cloud Sharing board. To do this, you must reply to the Cloud Sharing topic stating your username.
If 5 of the Admin's have posted saying you have sucessfully post on their site you can post your own Cloud Sharing topic.


Please follow this template:

Site name:
Site URL:
Site description:
Amount of posts required for other members:
URL's of successful topics:


Site name: Forum Cloud
Site URL:
Site description: Your Forum Cloud
Amount of posts required for other members: 5
URL's of successful topics:

When you have posted the correct amount on their site, PM them via Forum Cloud, hopefully they will add you to the topic.

If you are a Cloud Sharer, you MUST list members who have correctly posted and registered on your site.
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