New Dawn

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New Dawn

Post by Zuriki on Mon Nov 12, 2007 10:17 am

Clan Name: New Dawn

Clan Colours (If any): I'll post the code used in the text box at the begining.
Begins with:
[NDC] <span style="color: #00EE00">

End with:
Clan Descriptions: A new dawn is rising, those before us must fall. The power of the apocalypse is within our hands. We must use it. We must destroy all whom are not within our ranks. We must begin the new age of civilisation. A new dawn.

Clan Ranks:
The Master - Owner of clan
The Right Hand of God - The second in command.
The Councillor - Debates issues within the change and provides solutions, also can command anyone below them.
Black Vail - The Sgt's
Wings of God - The commanders of war
Militants - The footsoldiers
Seeds of God - Trainee's

PM Me to join.
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