City of Clouds

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City of Clouds

Post by Mezmer-Eye on Thu Nov 29, 2007 10:48 am

We are the citizens of a mighty city high in the sky, the humans and their ships have often intruded on our grounds and his become increasingly more obvious that we can not overtly guide them away for much longer. The Swarm approaches from there greatest cities and our people have abandoned us but let us show those pathetic mortals what the mightiest living creatures in the sky can do! We will not leave without taking them down with us, our last stronghold about what they call the Bermuda Triangle has enough ammunition, weaponry and planes to start a war! We have ancient sky tech, our technology is powered by the Ionosphere which is charged by thunderstorms all across earth. We have sent warnings to them and our messenger has been attacked and chased out, theyve called out the thunder, now lets bring the lightning!!!!!!!!!
Plane 1 SnowFlake: these ships are deploided from our Columbious Clouds and rain frozen death upon our enemies (if you've played starcraft there like the little things from the carriers)
Plane 2 Columbious Cloud: These massive hulking ships are disguised as storm clouds and carry the SnowFlakes, they have low speed and one gun on the whole ship; Blizzard Cannon! It fires a blast of shrapnel collected from our recycling plants. The blast covers a 500m(cubed) radius at peak distance (300 meters).
You guys make more ships as the need arises.
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