Cloud Portal by Nubifer interoperates with top cloud portals

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Cloud Portal by Nubifer interoperates with top cloud portals

Post by chadastrophic on Sun Feb 14, 2010 8:03 pm

Nubifer Cloud Portal was designed by engineers with over 15 years of internet technology.

More information about Nubifer Cloud Portal can be found here: Cloud Portal

We are actively integrating software-as-a-service technologies like Google Apps, and ZOHO CRM among other SOAP based and SOA based enabled portals.

Cloud Platforms today are maturing and having a portal like Nubifer's Cloud Portal creates an opportunity for Enterprises to interoperate, and create enterprise mashups of disparate web systems hosted on and off premise (in the cloud).

Here is a little bit of information about Nubifer Cloud Portal.


Several configuration options are available to your organization to
leverage the scalability and on demand nature of Nubifer's cloud portal.
Nubifer Cloud : Portal is a powerful suite of core
portal technologies, interfaces, database schematics and service
oriented architecture libraries.

Clients that require custom on-premise and cloud hosted portals may
require different application layers, and data layer configurations:
Nubifer supports the following technologies.

  • We leverage RAD development techniques to create robust, scalable
    programming code in ASP.NET (C#), ASP, PHP, Java
    Servlets, JSP, ColdFusion and Perl.
  • We support a myriad of data formats and database platform types,
    cloud SOA and architectures.

    • SQL Server (and Express)
    • Microsoft Access
    • MYSQL
    • Oracle
    • *Others

If you are interested in subscribing to become an early beta tester of our Cloud Portal or have features you think should be added please let us know your throughts.

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Re: Cloud Portal by Nubifer interoperates with top cloud portals

Post by Mezmer-Eye on Tue Apr 13, 2010 8:16 pm

My oh my, a post that isn't from more than a year ago. Hmm, this could be interesting.
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